Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hosoi Teppanyaki House

This should be the most expensive teppanyaki I ever ate so far. Could have been more expensive if we ordered 2 "high class" set meals instead of one.

We arrived quite early that day and strolled in circles (literally) before deciding to take Cheryl's recommendation. But we had got different objectives. While I was trying to spot for good food and ambience, L was trying to spot for the handsome chef Cheryl mentioned. Oh wells...

From the outside, the place has impressive interiors exuding style and glamour. But surprisingly, as we approach the podium, we were greeted in Mandarine. I wonder which part of us looked like China people. As it was still early, we were the only ones there the moment we stepped in, and we were ushered to this particular table at the back, which I would refer to the "low class" table hereon

Not long after that, some 3 ang mohs came in and they were lead to another table near the entrance, which conversely, is the "high class" table. Then followed by another pair of casually dressed Singaporean chinese coming to our table, then another few rich looking men came in and sat where the ang mohs were.

Soon we started to suspect that they judge their customers by their appearance and segregate us according to our perceived spending power. Utensils at the high class table were of the fine dining setup like they had napkins but ours was similar to the foodcourt teppanyaki with only paper serviettes (tissue paper) to contend with. Our suspicions were later confirmed when I order the "high class" lobster set meal. They changed my cutlery and gave me the silky red napkin which the high class table is using.

Another ridiculous thing we were absolutely unhappy with is that they actually cooked the food all at the high class table. We were completely ostracised. And the supposedy teppanyaki experience turned into a normal a la carte dinner.


High class appetizer: The overcooked lobster (not bad still)


Low class meat: messy teppanyaki chicken and fish.


High class soup: campbell clam chowder


Low class miso soup and white rice


High class main: chewy sirlion steak (this was the best of all)


Low class vegetables: average bean sprouts and kai lan.


High class dessert: red bean crepe weird-combi with fruits


Alacarte appetizer order: inside-not-very-cooked goose liver (still nice)

Name: Hosoi Teppan-Yaki House
Venue: Suntec City Mall Central (#B1-058) Near the fountain area

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