Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

No more swiss food in Marche, here comes the japanese food in Shokudo!! Marche and Shokudo shares the similar idea of having a number of food stalls in a restaurant and charging by using card. The differences between these two eating places is the different types of cuisine and Shokudo has themed dining!

The themes that they create is really interesting. They have old japan, modern japan, anime (Sakura!!), the sumos and also dining in neon lights. Sounds very interesting isn't it? The colourful decorations and atmosphere can really lifts up my mood. Neoprint machines can also be found in the center of the restaurant! The whole place makes me feel like i'm really in Japan.

J ordered this western dish cooked in japanese style. The burger was so big and it served with my favourite sunny side up egg!!


We also ordered this clam chowder soup, and when we had our first mouth of it. We both went stun! The taste is very very different from the western style. Oh ya, the board menu was saying, "Tokyo Style Clam Chowder". The taste of the butter was quite strong and after a few more spoons of it, its quite yummy.


Next Gyoza...


This stall selling all bbq food sticks - kushiyaki. I don't quite fancy it as I've eaten a better Kushiyaki in Shenton area before. Maybe 1 day I shall bring J there..


You can also find rosti here too which is the famous potato dish in Marche. But other than that, the rest of the food is very much different.


They also have this special bamboo steam rice. I really really regretted ordering the salmon instead of the Unagi. The whole thing was very dry..


I also spotted many people queuing at this omelette stall and I told myself I must try it no matter what. And I ordered this Unagi with Omelette, it was really very tasty. Abit of salty and sweet mixing together.

There so many wide selections of Japanese food found there with at least more than 200 dishes to choose from. So many other types of food that I have not tried yet, I really can't wait to go there for my next visit!

Name: Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar
Venue: Raffles City Basement #B1-44E

Sunday, March 16, 2008

街头茶餐厅 - Jie Tou Cha Can Ting

We were walking up and down from Esplanade to Marina Square and back to Raffles City and just couldn't decide on what to eat for dinner. In the end, I brought J back to the place where I had my lunch with my friends on the very same day - Streets Cafe which is located @ Raffles City Basement 1.

The food are quite delicious except their drinks... because there isn't any of the drink can help us to digest or feel better after eating so much. J had the special longan drink with nata de coco and I had the lime cooler which they mixed with soda.

limely chee juice

I ate the Portuguese Hotpot chicken and which is similar to those normal Koeran hot pot. It was nice but I was tired after a mouthfuls and I started to chew my food really really slow.

chicken hotpot

We also ordered Gong Bao Chicken as side dish. It is quite normal but I don't feel that spicy even though there are so many dried chillis and green chilli inside. Maybe the chicken was not miranated and fried together with the chillies.

kong bao chicken

J's main dish was this Fried rice with Curry seafood. I recommended him this dish as my friend had ordered too during lunch time. But it somehow tasted quite different from the one I tried earlier. Too bad for J.

seafood curry fried rice

Next, I think the drinks were too sweet for J's liking so he decided to use some porridge to clear the throat. It was nice and the mince meat was really MINCED.. and you can taste a little bit of the meat here and there.

mixed meat porridge

Overall I think it taste better than the other Hong Kong cafes out there..

Name: Street Cafe
Venue: Raffles City Basement 1

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ambush & the Sausage Bar

Ambush offers some higher class pasta experience than the mania one at about the same price. In short, it's a winner in all areas of comparison. Too bad we don't get commision for selling this.

So there you go choose your pasta from a long list and it will be good to go as set meal or not. The set additions include a combination soup of the day and garlic bread or drink plus dessert. We had all of them!

Meat Ball Linguine

Meat Ball Linguine looks like any other Linguine except they are not really balls, but somewhat elongated Meat Oblongs, but, doesn't matter.

Mixed Seafood Linguine

Mixed Seafood Linguine with slightly bigger prawns than most you can get at other places.

Meat Loaf

We also got this Meat Loaf from the other side "Swiss German" Sausage bar... anyway, standing side by side, both of this and the Ambush outlets belong to the same owner so customers and carry their food over to either side. We wanted to try this because it's the only outstanding item on the display menu since the rest were all hotdogs and sausages, but sad to say, it turns out to be a little unimpressive. I mean not a bad try, but I bet it can be better for the kind of price.


Ok, then this is some quirky alcholic Tiramisu we have ever tried, but still nice I say.

Name: Ambush/ Swiss German
Venue: Takashimaya Basement 1

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ayam Penyat - The Flattened or so call the Smashed Fried Chicken

Just as L and I were contemplating on the apparent lack of special dining places, we spotted the sign board "Ayam Penyat" across the street while waiting at the traffic light. Inconspicuously hidden under Fu Yuen Building (opposite Shaw Tower), is an Indonesian surprise.

Given that it was already 8pm and it is hidden from view at the basement, we reckon that there were considerably many people dining in still. We later found out that this place was once featured in one of the chinese food programme on TV as well.

We actually felt that the presentation was a big plus, but the big minus is the lack of choices. The menu is a single A4, double printed with a few pictures - not enticing at the least.

Maybe it's just us that's very wrong, I think we didn't know how to appreciate Indonesian cuisine because the rest of the tables cleared every single bit of stuff down to the crisps and crumbs.

rice set

The small restuarant offers similar main rice sets with the choice of chicken, fish, beef and mutton. Quite a lot to finish in a set I would say. There is the meat topped with some cruchy stuff which I suspect to be kachang puteh bits, tofu, some boiled kangkong and a piece of tempeh. We had two of these sets - chicken and beef - and almost couldn't finish.

But their popular dish is still the Ayam Penyet. It is delibrately smashed with a wooden mallet after deep frying to loosen the meat from the bone.

mee soto

We also had Chicken Soto with vermicelli which was featured under Soup. This is nice, tasted as original as it should be, no more diluted Soto!

Name: Ayam Penyet
Venue: 67 Beach Road #B1-01, NTUC Income Beach Junction