Monday, February 18, 2008

Wan Zai Classics

L SO LAZY!! Already we have to back date or posts so manydays she is still procrastinating, don't want to complete the stories! So I have to help her clean up this post now!

We had this meal at IMM the day we embark on the journey to search for the "Huggy Pillow" which cost me a hefty sum of $40+!! ARgh!

Wan Zai Classics occupies a stall space in front of DAISO the $2 shop, which appears to be the reason why it has rather good business. Many aunties and uncles were very willing to wait in queue for the lower middle-class food.

However, there are some things we can be picky about. First, queueing for a table is fine, but we have to share tables after all the wait - that is not a great idea. Then we have to queue to order and pay.

Everything tasted mediocre. The beef brisket would be better if it is not that sticky.

beef brisket noodle

The beef and egg and rice is really just beef-egg-rice. Though all in the same bowl, they just does not blend with each other and hence tasted bland altogther.

beef and egg rice

They two mains each came with soup. We took a shot at the radish soup here.

radish soup

If these were normal fried chicken, then I would highly recommend. Too bad they labelled themselves as prawn paste fried chicken. Tasted quite far from it.

fried chicken prawn paste

Finally, vanilla in yuan yang is a nice try. But, that's not what we ordered. We recall vividly its "Yuan Yang" and not "Yuan Yang with Vallina". When L came back from the counter after placing orders, telling me we have to pay for sugar (for the yuan yang) I actually believed! I believe that their service is that bad! oops~

yuan yang

I think if you don't mind some lower middle-class food and service, then this place i still quite decent. Otherwise, there are other places worth visiting in IMM.

Name: Wan Zhai Classics
Venue: IMM

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ministry of Food

Valentine Day.. everybody queuing to eat dinner at the restaurants while me and J went to bugis FOODCOURT to avoid the crowd. And oh yes.. there were really not many people around and we really enjoyed our food. After the dinner, we gave ourselves dessert treats @ MOF.

They serves a wide range of authentic Japanese food and appetizing desserts which are reasonably priced. They have other outlets at Marina Square & Raffles City.

mango milk shake

red bean paste with rice ball

Name: MOF My Izakaya
Venue: Bugis Junction

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thai Accent

It was my 22nd birthday and we thought of going out to have a nice dinner. Oh well FEBRUARY is a torturous month for J, because my birthday falls on the 13th and the next day is Valentine day. Haha. We went to Vivo to look around for food.. and we took quite a long time to decide until we pass by this Thailand restaurant name Thai Accent. There were not much choices left so we just went in to have a try.

I had thai food for lunch too as well. Bangkok Jam @ Greatworld city. Honestly saying the food is much more tastier than Thai Accent but overall still ok. J ordered the usual pineapple rice and I chose the olive rice. J commented that the pineapple rice was nice.. but I still prefer the olive rice. Maybe because I had a bad experience in eating pineapple rice so I don't really fancy that anymore. =\

pineapple rice

We also ordered my favourite dishes like the Thai fish cake, Pandan Chicken, Kang kong and of course the spicy Tom Yam soup! The fish cake doesn't really taste good whereas the chicken and the spicy kangkong taste normal.

pandan chicken

thai fish cake

tom yam soup

chilli kang kong

I still prefer the Thai restuarant at Greatworld still. Maybe one day I should bring J there to have a try..

Name: Thai Accent
Venue: Vivo City

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Reunion Dinner 2008

We just had our reunion dinner with our families this weekend and now we are going to let you take a peek at some special and nice dishes we had at the chinese restaurant.

The thing on the table at every reunion must be the fish salad, and this year we thought it's special because it's the first time we have fried fish skin in it. Usually we would go dig for those crispy, bloated square "gold coins", but this time we prefer the fish skins.

Fish Salad

Next, I'm going to reveal something cruel to all the protectors of the seas: we had shark fins soup. I personally noticed that we are getting lesser and lesser fins per serving as the years go by, all thanks to the heroes. Our soup this time has got milk in it! And it was not bad at all, but still not enough to compensate for the lack of the core ingredient.

Shark Fin

Then we had some nicely fried prawns. I love prawns. And love this lovely pair of prawns has got salted egg yolk in its recipe, making it even more tasty.


But just as we thought the prawns are going to top our list, here comes the Golden Rat (lotus) and some yam-peanut thing. Just look at how cute it is... it just fares greatly above average in both looks and taste.

Lotus Rat & Yam Cake

Name: The Cathay (Chinese) Restaurant
Venue: The Cathay Building