Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tampopo Japanese Famiy Dining Restaurant

Tampopo is quite a famous Japanese restaurant located at Liang Court Shopping Centre for years. We were invited together with Jake's uncles to join them for dinner. They had collected enough points or stamps that entitled them for dinner up to max of 8 people and all food are at a 50% discount price!!! There were like four of us only but we managed to order quite a lot and the bill was only like $200++!

My Love~~ Sashimi!!! We had prawns, toro, uni, scallops, salmon belly. It was ashamed that we did not order more Toro because the original price is $30 for only 3 pieces per order. We only ordered for two servings =( Their sashimi are fresh and tasty except their Uni had a funny little taste. 

Black Pork Truffle Fried Rice - This is really one of my favourites and must have if going to Tampopo. The truffle taste is wonderful and compliments very well with their fried rice.
Cheese Chiffon Cake - Fluffy cake with not much cheese in it and it was quite dry. I still prefer their recommended fruits scoop cake.

Prawn Tempura~ Slurps!

We also ordered many other dishes like the Unigi Rice Set, Pork Shabu Shabu and Ramen. Do check them out...

Tampopo Singapore
177 River Valley Road
#01-23/24 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030

Another outlet is located @ Takeshimaya (Ngee Ann City).

It has been donkey years since we last updated and hopefully we can keep it alive longer this time round. Enjoy!

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